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12 Top Apps for Architects on the Construction Site


We have previously published the best apps for architects, many of which try to boost creativity and productivity for project design. Now, we’ve put together a series of helpful apps for the development and management of construction projects. From digital measuring tools to instant software-generated reports of work progress, we hope this new construction technology will be most useful to you.

Robots in the Construction Industry


The manufacturing industry has been benefiting from digitalization, robotics, and automation for several decades now; however, the construction industry seems to be only just picking up on DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) for repetitive mass production and standardized components. Andrew Watts, CEO at Newtecnic, has decided to discuss the construction industry’s move towards robotics and mass-customization that brings designers and makers together for positive disruption within and beyond the industry.

New Development at Wimbledon


Volumetric offsite methods offer complete solutions to housing, hospitals, student accommodation, office buildings and schools. Amongst other advantages, volumetric offsite construction brings to the factory all critical activities linked to the structure, mechanical and electrical work as well as to the exterior and interior finishes, including special equipment. A Volumetric approach ensures better quality control, but also limits the work to be carried on site to groundwork and foundations, connection to services, and minor finish work. As a result of this, volumetric offsite methods have the potential to help achieve a waste reduction of up to 90% on site compared to traditional construction

Timber bridges viable option for local roads


This full-scale timber girder bridge tested at the J. Lohr Structures Laboratory at South Dakota State University is 50-feet long and 9.5-feet wide.


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