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12 Top Apps for Architects on the Construction Site

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12 Top Apps for Architects on the Construction Site

We have previously published the best apps for architects, many of which try to boost creativity and productivity for project design. Now, we’ve put together a series of helpful apps for the development and management of construction projects. From digital measuring tools to instant software-generated reports of work progress, we hope this new construction technology will be most useful to you.


#12 Angle Meter PRO (iOS/Android

Doing information surveys can be very easy on the job and without having to carry an entire belt of physical tools. Angle Meter PRO is a digital tool that allows you to measure the angles or slopes on the job with a high degree of precision, in different modes from the app, from your tablet or cell phone’s camera.


#11 Fast Concrete Pad Calculator (iOS)

This application calculates the required amounts of concrete and rebar for any particular project. It also calculates the cost and waste of the material and allows users to instantly send e-mail estimates to their team members and customers.


#10 Project Planning Pro (iOS - iPhone & Mac/Android/Windows

With Project Planning Pro version 2.0, on-site project management is easy and effective for collaborations between team members. This tool is ideal for generating project plans instantly, entering tasks, duration and start dates, or to import existing Microsoft Project files and edit and update them through the application. Check their blog, where they have interesting articles related to project management.


#9 Site Audit Pro (iOS/Android

Site Audit Pro is a productivity application designed to make inspections, audits or reports and manage them from anywhere. Through it, you can capture photos or upload existing images, add annotations or comments and share reports via email, Dropbox or Google Drive.


#8 iHandy Level Free (iOS/Android)

A free digital tool that allows you to check the level of surfaces using only your cell phone thanks to the built-in accelerometer. This pocket leveler features a traditional bubble level interface and also a digital display of the current angle, measured in degrees from the horizontal.


#7 ArchiReport 5 (iOS

You can save 30 to 45 minutes for each site visit report with ArchiReport, a complete software for tracking works that automatically generates detailed reports with photos, designs, drawings and annotations.


#6 My Measures (iOS/Android)

This free application allows you to store and share object dimensions and spaces. Just take a photograph of the object or space and add its dimensions with arrows, angles, and comments so that everything is easily understandable.


#5 BIMx (iOS/Android)

BIMx, GRAPHISOFT's mobile BIM communication tool, has the 'Hyper-model BIMx', a unique technology for navigating plans and 3D construction models in an integrated way and for visualizing information on building components.


#4 Autodesk BIM 360 Docs (iOS/Android)  

One of Autodesk's free applications for building management is BIM 360 Docs, which allows you to publish, manage and review all documents, plans and project models in the cloud.


#3 Construction Manager App (iOS/Android)

Construction Manager is designed to manage, edit, save, and share a regular and accurate flow of information, and through its various forms - maintenance records, daily reports, project estimates and time sheets - you can record and follow all important processes and events during construction.


#2 Builder's Helper - Advanced Construction Calculator (iOS)

This digital calculator values both normal and unit calculations for a variety of construction projects, including beams, columns, staircases, drywall, paint, decking, roof systems and floors. In addition, it not only tracks important project information, it can also store project documents (such as budgets, contracts, and plans) and images (either by attaching images to the library or by taking new ones).


#1 PlanGrid (iOS/Android/Windows)

PlanGrid is a very intuitive application where you can share plans, annotations, photos and reports instantly with all your equipment. This is a great help to follow the revisions, to examine progress and to manage the problems and punch list when working.













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